Clean Slate Reentry Program

Clean Slate Reentry Program Residents and Clients speak on their experiences with the program

Our Services

Service #1

 Clean Slate Reentry Program is a 4 -12 month on site program, located in Sumter, SC, that provides housing and other services for clients looking to reenter society in a productive, successful manner. A person’s successful re-entry into society can be viewed through how adequately they are able to meet six basic life needs: livelihood, residence, family, health, criminal justice compliance and social connections. Those needs manifest differently, depending on the phase a client is in when they are released.   

Service #2


Operation Summer Salvation 


Imagine living in a home without air conditioning during the summer while temperatures are only going up. This is a reality every year for some South Carolina residents, but one group looks to change that. The Clean Slate Reentry program started a project called Operation Summer Salvation to install AC units for the elderly and those who are disabled who've lived without a working AC unit.

Some of the volunteers are ex-offenders who are not only working to rehabilitate themselves but work to give back to those in need.

Services #3


 Clean Slate Reentry Program offers ServSafe Food Handler and Manager's Training to returning citizens for little to no cost for qualified recipients. Food Handler's Training is usually free because Clean Slate does fundraisers to purchase the books to offer this service. Manager's Training is also offered but the student will have to pay for their exam fee, which is usually under $40.

Operation Summer Salvation

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